4 Handy Tips & 8 Simple Stretches to Help You Feel Holiday-Ready!

As this past Thanksgiving neared, many clients asked how to handle, and hopefully prevent, the pain and tension associated with the demands of holiday prep. This simple guide is packed with quick and easy exercises that will change your holiday experience! Long periods of standing due to cooking, [...]

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Fitness as Self-Care with Stephanie Severe

Fitness as Self-Care I was not active my entire life. I had no connection to movement as a youth, that I remember! My mother has described stories about me, just standing in the middle of the soccer field, watching the soccer ball go up and down. I [...]

Your Body is Your Best Teacher

  2016, Wow! Just, Wow. So Many Endings and Beginnings 2016, what a year you've been! This year I found out that not everyone knows the story of my body. As a personal trainer of 15 years, I had lazily begun to believe that most people [...]

Self-Mastery, for You and for Us

What is Self-Mastery? Everyone wants peace, peace for ourselves, and peace for this planet. We want to understand ourselves on a deeper level and we want to know our purpose for being here; but how do we accomplish this? We start with ourselves. We start by [...]

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Meet Jessica Stone | Committed to Helping You Achieve Your Unique Goals

My mother had me enrolled in some sort of 'activity' for as long as I can remember. I think it's because I've always been a firecracker, full of energy. She needed a break, as well as a way for me to get my energy out in [...]

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Chocolate Superfood Smoothie | The Smoothie to End All Pregnancy Misery!


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