June 2016

Introducing: Ask Pongo!

Got a question about fitness or nutrition? Ask Pongo! As National Academy of Sports Medicine trainers every Pongo Power team member has extensive knowledge of human movement science, kinesiology and functional movement patterns. In addition to ensuring consistency with training, this strong foundation enables us to build upon our base [...]

May 2016

How To Make Life A Vacation: Three Things I Learned When I Stopped Trying To Control Everything

I was recently lucky enough to go on a two-week road trip up all over California. The vacation was once-in-a-lifetime, but I'm determined to keep its spirit with me for years to come. The weeks leading up to this trip were filled with stress and fatigue. It seemed I made the [...]

March 2015

Just for Fun… Just Watch Carson Dean!

Post by Tyler McPeak. It's always fun to have a goal, and to achieve results. Carson Dean clearly set out with the goal of having fun on the treadmill.  Take a look, and you'll see! We're not saying that we'll be asking you to re-create this exercise routine at Pongo Power, any [...]