December 2014

Sleep and Exercise

By Judy Jerome I am a sleeper. I enjoy it, crave it, appreciate it. I love the moments of just waking when I am comfy and cozy and warm in my bed. That is, I love these moments of waking when I am well rested. Getting enough of the sleep [...]

Staying Charged

There is a point during a long run when your body will need a pick me up. Just like a car running out of gas, your body will run out of the fuels it needs to keep moving at the same intensity and pace. I am gearing up for a [...]

Well Rounded Running – Cross Training!

By Judy Jerome The idea of running 13.1 miles was incredibly daunting. I remember questioning my ability to finish- I had never been a runner. I could work away on an elliptical, loved Pilates and low impact aerobics. But running I just assumed I could not master, my body was [...]