If you’re looking for a 15 minute yoga sequence to set you on track, you can find one here!

Pongo Power Personal Trainer and Yoga Ambassador, Alexandra Mingione was featured in MindBodyGreen, this month. The article, ‘A 15-Minute Yoga Sequence To Make You Stronger,’ outlines an elegant series, and discusses Ally’s journey, as her relationship with yoga evolved, and her own mind-body relationship developed.

Ally is quoted,

“When I first began practicing yoga, I was weak. My arms would shake and I would collapse to the ground in any attempt at Chaturunga (aka low push-up). My Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) was wobbly and I struggled to hold the pose.

Over time I did gain strength, but it was never enough to make me feel truly comfortable in a fast-moving Vinyasa class. I would often find myself removed from the moment, frustrated at my inability to move in a way that felt good to my body.

My fitness journey eventually led me to the gym where I began strength training. This was when something magical began to happen in my yoga practice. As I grew stronger, I was able to move through the poses with more grace and ease, and my attention shifted from my thoughts to my breath. My practice really opened up for me.

I came to realize that yoga is not about some ultimate expression of a pose, or being able to do the fanciest arm balances. It is about connecting the body and the mind. As my body grew stronger, so did my focus. I left my thoughts and worries at the door, got on my mat, and moved.

Even if I don’t make it to a yoga class, I like to spend time each day on the following exercises to help keep my body strong and limber. The entire sequence takes about 10-15 minutes, and will leave you feeling nice and strong, without feeling depleted.”

It is always useful to find new sources of inspiration as we go about our daily lives.  Having a clearly defined plan, and a simple set of procedures to follow, can create tremendous clarity throughout our week.

Give Ally’s sequence a shot, and enjoy! Or, come by and say hi.  We’d love to meet up with you in person.  Ally does teach private yoga at Pongo Power, in addition to her work as a National Academy of Sports Medicine, certified personal trainer.

Modified Chaturanga Push-Ups

Chatarunga Push Up (Modified)

Glute Bridge Single (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) With Leg Lift

Glute Bridge SIngle Leg Lift


Handstand Hold (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)

Handstand Hold

Check out the full article at MindBodyGreen, ‘A 15-Minute Yoga Sequence To Make You Stronger.’  And don’t just take MindBodyGreen’s word for it!  Come to Pongo Power to set up a time to talk to Ally in person.

Ally currently works at both Pongo Power 5th Street, and Pongo Power Flatbush.  If you’ve always wanted to integrate your yoga practice and your strength training, feel free to drop us a line.   You can email Alexandrea, ally@pongopower.com to ask any questions!