I’ve been an actor since I was 10 years old. When I was a teenager, I decided to make it a career. Being overweight meant that I was being pigeonholed into certain roles, and I wanted to expand my possibilities. Like many in my position, I turned to cardio and dieting. I lost the weight… but at a price.

I was thin, but I had no energy. My entire life revolved around exercise and calorie counting.

When I found strength training; my concept of health and fitness changed.

My body changed, and more importantly, so did my spirit. Working out was no longer a chore! I suddenly loved the way it made me feel, physically and mentally. I became hungry to learn more about exercise science, so I decided to get certified as a personal trainer. Since then, my passion for acting has taken a back seat to my new passion for strength and wellness.

I’m so happy with where my life is in this very moment. Being an overweight child, I was always frustrated that I didn’t excel in any form of physical activity. Since then, strength training has allowed me to find my inner athlete. Eating well and learning about nutrition have allowed me to manage my weight intelligently. I’m excited to share my knowledge with the Pongo Power family!

I love to lift heavy weights because of how strong it makes me feel, and I love the adrenaline rush that I get after hitting a new personal record (PR). Simply put, I love the way I feel when I am at my best.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean I’m going to impose my goals on you. I believe there is always more than one way to achieve the same result! What works for one person’s body, may not work for yours. While correcting faulty movement patterns and muscle imbalance occurring in your specific body is a must; utilizing specific techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, can be approached in various ways.  It is the end result of gaining a strong mind/body connection, that we all deeply benefit from. 

Since I believe proper nutrition is key to total body wellness, I’m currently working on my Precision Nutrition Certification. By becoming a Nutrition Coach I will be able to better inform my clients of smart and mindful eating habits! 

My five year goal is simple. I plan to achieve an ideal work/life balance: one where I wake up every day, excited to work, because I love my job so much; yet still have enough time to spend with my family and friends.

I believe that I am building the foundation now, and I’m looking forward to all that this year has to offer!