Announcing The Birth of Judy’s Baby, Lucas Mateo! & Training While Pregnant

We are so proud to announce that Judy Jerome’s son, Lucas Mateo Cruz was born this weekend on Mother’s Day, 2019!  

When asked how it went, Judy told us that her core work and sense memory did the trick! “I pushed him out in 20 minutes.”

Here we have Judy’s blog about what she learned through being a personal trainer, and training her clients while pregnant.

As I neared the end of my pregnancy, here are some of my reflections:

#1  I am so grateful to have been an exerciser before pregnancy and to have a mind-body connection to rely upon. As the baby grew, it was harder to feel how to properly draw my belly muscles in, and to hip hinge correctly.  With extra thought and care, I was able to keep proper alignment, most of the time, both in my workouts and in my activities of daily living.

As hard as it was to motivate to exercise, I can only imagine how difficult it would be for a new exerciser. To try to build a fitness routine from scratch, while dealing with aches, pains, and nausea, without an understanding of how to find the right activation of muscles, is quite a project.  It could be a lot of work, without much enjoyment. I have big respect for women who take on that challenge!

#2  Having core strength was crucial when I had unexpected sacroiliac joint (SIJ) issues. There were a couple of weeks where putting any body weight on my left leg caused significant pain and a fear of that leg giving out from under me.  I walked with a cane because of it. Core strength helped me through, so I could properly support my body while managing the joint problem. It also helped me in working with my physical therapist, as we were able to communicate with each other, with a common vocabulary, right off the bat.  

#3  The scale is not your friend when you are pregnant.  If there’s ever a time to break free from that number on the scale, it is when you are pregnant!  Seeing the number go up, and then up, and then up again really does mess with you.  Just eat when hungry; keep hydration up; move your body around; and let the scale do what it does.  Your doctor will tell you if you are gaining too much, or not enough. That number is not worth the extra anxiety and self judgement.  

#4  Lastly- enjoy the ride! Pregnancy is unpredictable, as is labor, delivery, and parenting! Do what you can to stay strong and feel good. Breathe, relax, remain being grateful, and be optimistic.  This time is amazing, scary, thrilling and overwhelming all at once.

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