What is Flow Yo’ Mojo?

Coach Brie Helmuth will come to your office, and/or work with individual clients, here at the Pongo Power fitness studio. She leads participants through a series of core activation drills, and [...]

Client Appreciation!

It takes courage to walk through the door and work on developing physical strength. Especially if there are grand long term goals like losing and keeping off 15 pounds, learning how to run, or [...]

Healthy Hacks: Meal Prep!

Pongo Power Presents: Healthy Hacks! Tips And Tricks From Our Team of Personal Trainers to Help You Live Your BEST Life! When making changes to your lifestyle, it can be tempting to let a sudden [...]

What Is Flow?

“Flow” is the state of being fully immersed and present in your activity.  A flow activity can be writing an annual report, playing a tennis match, working skillfully on an art project, or [...]

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