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July 2017

15 Minute Protein Power Cookies!

The rich ingredients of these simple cookies pack a powerful protein punch, with healthy fats to keep you full, and carbs to fuel your workout. And they only take 15 minutes to prepare! Ingredients:1 cup sunflower butter1 egg 1-2 small baked and peeled sweet potatoes (I like purple here ;P) 1 table [...]

How I Use Breakdance to Help Clients Break Out of Their Shell

  One Size Fits No OneIn my years of coaching clients and helping people wave ‘goodbye’ to their comfort zone, I’ve learned that what works for one person, might not work for another. How far someone wants to be pushed, the size of each step they feel safe taking, and the [...]

What You Don’t Know About Handstands

The HandstandYou’ve seen it countless times in your social media feed. The movement has become ubiquitous in the Instagram yoga community and many view it as a right of passage to attaining some mystical level of fitness and body awareness. Once someone has this form in their routine, you’ll be [...]

Fitness From The Ground Up

 Fitness from the Ground UpTaking a ground up approach to fitness, with an emphasis on core activation, can ensure longevity. We work together with our clients and our team at Pongo Power to apply this level of thinking both literally and figuratively.In the most literal sense, approaching exercise “from the [...]

The Scales of Justice (Part Two)

I have memories of looking at photos of celebrities in magazines. I’d compare parts of my body to theirs, and wonder if I was close enough to the ideal I thought they represented.  Sometimes I would have a gratifying moment, where I’d think “Her thighs look as big as mine. [...]

The Truth About BMI

You may have heard of the Body Mass Index (BMI). It’s a calculation widely used to determine if someone is in a ‘healthy weight range.’ Divide a person’s weight by his or her height and voila!  The truth though, is that BMI is not an accurate estimation for many people. [...]

The Scales of Justice (Part One)

Normal Scale FluctuationsAn incredibly stressful part of trying to lose weight is when the the numbers on the scale jump up suddenly. You weigh yourself one day and feel great, then the next day weigh again and see you’ve gained 4 pounds?! It seems unfair, unjust, maybe makes you think, [...]

3 Easy Breakfasts to Grab and Go!

Breakfast is so important! You’ve got to put gas in the tank. Below are three easy recipes that you can make ahead of time, so you can start the day off right. Just grab and go! About the Author  Judy Jerome, Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist by The National [...]

How Keeping a Food Journal Can Help You Drop a Size

Understanding Patterns with The Food JournalOne of the most helpful tools in the Drop A Size program is the use of a food journal. The purpose of the journal is to unearth patterns in everyday eating. There we can see where small, yet powerful adjustments can be made.   HabitsSo [...]

June 2017

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, & Stroke with Just One Hour of Resistance Training per Week

Think you need to spend hours a day at the gym in order to experience the health benefits of exercise?  A new study demonstrates just the opposite. Research suggests that a mere one hour of resistance training per week, may reduce your risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome refers [...]