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January 2018

What is “Self Defense”?

You may have seen the recent self defense video from Tech Insider with Gabrielle Rubin. You may have seen the backlash from the MMA, brazilian jiu jitsu, and general martial arts community, about how terrible her self defense ‘expertise’ is. In the video, Rubin makes wild claims about what she’s [...]

Surf as Life Therapy

Surfing can be classified as many things. If it’s competition that entices you, it can certainly be considered a sport with opportunities for big trophies, leaderboards, and paychecks. If scenic travel is more your thing, then surfing can serve as the ultimate tour guide to white sandy beaches and volcanic [...]

December 2017

Three Small New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make a BIG Difference

These simple New Year's resolutions will transform your 2018. Practice Gratitude Take some time out of your busy day to journal things you are grateful for. This fifteen minute practice can have a serious impact on your happiness and health. Multiple studies found that gratitude enhances your ability to empathize [...]

4 Handy Tips & 8 Simple Stretches to Help You Feel Holiday-Ready!

As this past Thanksgiving neared, many clients asked how to handle, and hopefully prevent, the pain and tension associated with the demands of holiday prep. This simple guide is packed with quick and easy exercises that will change your holiday experience! Long periods of standing due to cooking, gift wrapping, shopping, and [...]

Three Ways to Become a True NYC Ninja

What does it take to be a ninja in New York City?   You might imagine martial artist masters fighting off bad guys with samurai swords, sneaking slyly into spaces, or walking on water. However, you too can be a ninja without the uniform and training. In New York City [...]

November 2017

Strength Training Linked to Lower Death Rate

  New research analyzed data sourced from a core population sample of 80,306 adults aged 30-years and over. The findings of this large-scale, observational study conclude that those who engaged in strength-building exercises have a 23% lower risk of all-cause death, and a 31-percent lower risk of cancer-related death. Confounding [...]

Healthy Holiday Gift Packs Now Available at Pongo Power Personal Training

Announcing Two Healthy Gifts for You or Someone You Love From The Best Personal Trainers in Brooklyn! The Weight Loss Jumpstart An easy way to start the weight loss process! Tackle 3 Goals In the first session, we'll test your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and analyze the results with you.  [...]

Pongo Power Retreats and Adventures That Transcend Your Vacation, and Impact Your Daily Life

In February, Pongo Power team members Elizabeth and Shannon took off for a Surf and Yoga retreat in the Canary Islands. The experience was challenging and exciting, and led to a desire to develop a more unique, individual, and holistic approach to the retreat experience. The beginners in the group [...]

Weight Loss in Adults: Cardio vs Weight Training

  An 18-month study followed near 250 obese adults in their sixties, who were intentionally losing weight through diet. Participants fell into three groups, diet and walking, diet and weight training, and diet alone. While all three dieting groups lost weight, those in the group that coupled weight training with [...]

October 2017

The Male Pelvic Floor: Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, the topic of Pelvic Floor health has had a brighter light shone upon it. With the progressive thinking of specialized medical professionals and gyms such as Pongo Power, the teachings of Deep Core awareness have gained momentum in mainstream exercise discussions. Even with the Pelvic Floor’s new [...]