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October 2018

Personal Trainer & Artist: How Pongo Power Makes it Possible to Succeed in NYC

New York City is not an easy place to work, nor an easy place to live.  Our city can be stressful and expensive. The best people from every field are here, which makes all jobs extremely competitive. As anyone pursuing an artistic career knows, NYC requires an individual to straddle [...]

Eat Better, Eat Together

Communal meals are on the decline: a fact that has serious implications for our mental and physical health and well being. Sales of dining room tables have dropped, and the average American eats 1 in 5 meals in their car. People in the UK reported eating as many as 60% [...]

Tacking Childhood Obesity With Exercise

A new study finds that strength training may be a crucial component of tackling childhood obesity. According to the latest data from the National Center for Health Statistics, a branch of the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, the prevalence of childhood obesity has been steadily increasing since the early [...]

One Run at a Time

For many people, the idea of running a race seems improbable. Years of operating with the belief that running is for ‘other’ people, has led some to conclude they’ll never be in ‘good enough’ shape to successfully complete a race. At Pongo Power, we’d like to challenge that belief, and [...]

September 2018

International Friendship Month

September is International Friendship Month, and we have a few great ways to celebrate, while connecting with your friends and working on your fitness goals! Try a New Class Together It’s always easier to do something new when you have a buddy to brave it with you!  Always wanted to [...]

Elizabeth Pongo’s Own End to Chronic Pain

September is Pain Awareness month. I am sharing my story of ending my very own chronic pain. My end to pain came, when I got back into shape. You can read more about ending chronic pain, our pain relief blog series. By Elizabeth Pongo   Everything about my physical path [...]

The Zen Art of Cross Training for Running

If you experience pain while running, you are not alone. We are here to help! In 1999, I ran my first NYC Marathon.     During the preparation phase, I was in a seated desk job, working as an executive assistant, and I had never run a race in my [...]

How Pongo Power Supports My Creativity & Passion

Lifestyle is a tremendous part of personal training. As a personal trainer and an athlete, it is vital for my performance to get rest, proper nutrition, and my own exercise and wellness dialed in. For me, an integral part of wellness includes dance. I dedicate one night a week to going out dancing with friends and dance partners. I show up; and whether I’m solo, with a friend, or a group, I know that I will have a good time, and have an avenue to express myself creatively.

Balance Awareness Week

Balance Awareness Week By Judy Jerome   I remember my sister going to the doctor a couple of years ago, because she was experiencing vertigo. She did not have any problems with this before; it came up suddenly, and with intensity.  It turned out to be an ear infection.   [...]

Pace Matters

Pace Matters When it comes to training for a race, no matter the distance, there’s more to running than “just lace up and go.” Before hitting the pavement, ask yourself, “what is the purpose of this run?” By Coach Chelsea Beasely   Going into a run with a plan of [...]