Calling All Arms! A Blog About Metamorphosis, Part 1

The first time I recall a gentleman commenting on my body, was at a dance, freshman year of college. I felt pretty cute that night, wearing my little black sleeveless dress. I felt foxy.  A guy turned his head as he walked by, caught my eye, and said, "Looking good, Pongo!"  My heart skipped a beat. This brand new world called college was filled with possibilities! I had never gotten attention from any fellows in high school (that I knew of), aside from my first kiss under the slide in 2nd grade.
This sense of being attractive lasted for about 4 seconds. The very next moment, he followed up with, "Nice arms! You look buff. Like really, Pongo, have you been working out? You are jacked." I was 19 years old, and this component didn't register as a compliment. I went from feeling delicate and pretty, to self-conscious and confused.  The fact that his remarks didn't occur to me as a compliment, were the direct result of the societal inheritance of a little voice inside my heard that had been telling me to be more skinny, thin, and less 'big,' since I hit puberty.

Flash forward to our modern-day world, and the fact that women are no longer constantly attempting to minimize our bodies; and I am quite certain, that was a compliment.  Even writing it down now, I am actually surprised in myself and the vivid memory of how embarrassed I was.

To me, it seems as though the last 20 years have been a universal and heroic metamorphosis in the collective consciousness for women. I am delighted as we pass the baton from one to another in our conversations and acknowledgements, about what it truly means to be a human being. We continually support one another, more and more, and it is so inspiring to be apart of a community of people here at Pongo Power, who truly build each other up, mentally and physically, each and every day.
How do we do this? Instead of focusing only on ourselves, we focus on helping one another to transform, in our training and development. We do this reliably, consistently, and with great joy, honor and pride. And this is how we lose the self-consciousness, and how we emerge stronger. This is how our sense of purpose and integrity is expressed: through clear communication, neurolinguistics, and excellent personalized training and exercise program design.
Do you know how a butterfly emerges from a cocoon?  In Part 2 of this Series on Metamorphosis and Spring, I will share with you about how I just started wearing a bikini 4 years ago.
It truly has been a metamorphosis for me to recognize that my body is sound, reliable, and that I want to be a fantastic steward to this vessel for my soul. I am deeply committed to taking good care of my body, and we here at Pongo Power are deeply committed to sharing our knowledge about just how to do that with you! Spring into action and sign up for your FREE Fitness Assessment, today!
Let's all feel fabulous this warm weather season, and be proud of who we are! Get in touch. We're here for you, and our team is taking a stand for your health and fitness.

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