December 2015

Four Exercises To Never Do Post Partum

A woman’s body is truly amazing.  It’s able to stretch and expand in order to accommodate another human being in such a short amount of time (although it may not feel like a short time during pregnancy) and then return back to its normal size within months.  Her body creates, [...]

Experiencing Runner’s Knee? Here are Six Possible Solutions!

So, you like to run. Great! Running is good for you. Awesome! And then you experience pain. Not. Good. At. All. […]

Confessions of a Protein Bar Addict

  It’s just twelve minutes into my first Whole 30 challenge and I’ve already convinced myself to quit several times. […]

September 2015

How to Just Say ‘No’ to Friends, Family, and the Donuts in the Breakroom

By Shira Burstein "What? You won't try the home-made chocolate pie I made?  Oh, have some!  Have some ice-cream on top.  It's not the same without the ice cream!  Come on..." It's at that moment when suddenly all of your plans to eat healthy stop, right there at the end of [...]

July 2015

Brainy Balance

In 2010, 13 million Americans reported being injured in a fall, often caused by simple trips on the sidewalk or on the stairs at home. For the over 65s, the figures are worse: One in three in this age group falls every year, resulting in some 250,000 hip fractures and [...]

February 2015

As Featured in Men’s Journal

Our expert advice was recently featured the health and fitness section of Men's Journal!  The quickie fix, as detailed in the article, "Tight Hamstrings: Workouts Moves to Get you Back in Balance" is a hamstring stretch that every man and woman can benefit from doing. Though this part of the interview [...]

December 2014

“If You’re Happy and You Know It…”

Recently, I saw a commercial that sang their own words to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know it.” Instead of urging the listener to clap their hands if they were happy, the song went on to say if you’re also bored, lonely, guilty, stressed, ‘if you’re human [...]

Sleep and Exercise

By Judy Jerome I am a sleeper. I enjoy it, crave it, appreciate it. I love the moments of just waking when I am comfy and cozy and warm in my bed. That is, I love these moments of waking when I am well rested. Getting enough of the sleep [...]

Staying Charged

There is a point during a long run when your body will need a pick me up. Just like a car running out of gas, your body will run out of the fuels it needs to keep moving at the same intensity and pace. I am gearing up for a [...]