February 2015

A 15 Minute Sequence: Yoga and Core Strength

If you're looking for a 15 minute yoga sequence to set you on track, you can find one here! Pongo Power Personal Trainer and Yoga Ambassador, Alexandra Mingione was featured in MindBodyGreen, this month. The article, 'A 15-Minute Yoga Sequence To Make You Stronger,' outlines an elegant series, and discusses Ally's [...]

January 2015

Our Clients and Our Grand Opening!

Carol tells the story of her hip replacement, while Jonny Goldstein illustrates and his daughter looks on! What an event we shared, this January 10th, 2014.  Neighbors, clients, members, friends, and family joined together to celebrate the first year of doing business at Pongo Power Flatbush, our 2nd [...]

December 2014

Sleep and Exercise

By Judy Jerome I am a sleeper. I enjoy it, crave it, appreciate it. I love the moments of just waking when I am comfy and cozy and warm in my bed. That is, I love these moments of waking when I am well rested. Getting enough of the sleep [...]

Staying Charged

There is a point during a long run when your body will need a pick me up. Just like a car running out of gas, your body will run out of the fuels it needs to keep moving at the same intensity and pace. I am gearing up for a [...]

Well Rounded Running – Cross Training!

By Judy Jerome The idea of running 13.1 miles was incredibly daunting. I remember questioning my ability to finish- I had never been a runner. I could work away on an elliptical, loved Pilates and low impact aerobics. But running I just assumed I could not master, my body was [...]