December 2018

New Year’s Resolutions to STOP in 2019: Cleanses and Fad Diets

Every New Year, people around the country resolve to make positive changes in their lives. While this promoting this behavior isn’t inherently bad, it is often delivered with some problematic messaging around food, weight loss, and diets, by many “fitness professionals”, gyms, and marketers. In 2019, Pongo Power encourages you [...]

November 2018

STOP Weighing Yourself More Than Once or Twice a Month

STOP Weighing Yourself More Than Once or Twice a Month. I'll never forget the first day that I asked my nutritionist, "Why don't you weigh me?" I was mad. I was 31 years old and I had been going to see her for 3 whole months. There was a scale [...]

How to Avoid Emotional Eating Triggers on Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Week! Personally, I believe that Halloween kicks off the holiday season, giving us two full months to connect with loved ones, look back on our year, and celebrate being alive. For this, I am grateful. I do love a time to create and reflect. Yet, this was not [...]

How to Make Healthy Choices on Thanksgiving

The holidays are such a magical time. Whatever your religion is, or isn’t, the holidays provide time to gather around, with the ones you love, to share laughter and food! It’s also a time that many of us dread because of all the temptations and delicious & rich foods! I’ve [...]

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling!

Training and wellness is all about sticking to a routine. When you travel, each day can pack in a completely different schedule.  Situational variables, such as unpredictable gym set ups, an inconsistent sleep schedule, and limited options for healthy meal choices present a challenges. How often do you come back [...]

How to Keep Your Bikini Body Year Round!

At the start of every spring, we are inundated with magazine covers, billboards, and advertisements, all purporting to know the best way to get a “bikini body” by summer. Many people find themselves scrambling, using unhealthy weight loss methods (like starvation diets, or fasts) to prepare themselves for the beach. [...]

October 2018

Let Your Kids Eat Candy!

Halloween is here! Here's why teaching your kids to restrict won’t lead to long-term healthy choices. Many parents in our Pongo Power community have been asking questions about the incoming hoard of candy, children will be bringing into their homes, and consuming for weeks to come. “Do we ration the candy?” [...]

Top 6 Exercises You Can Start Today (on your bedroom floor), To Feel Better Now

If you’ve ever had low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, head aches, or even knee pain – by taking a few moments each day to master these forms and techniques, you will put yourself on the path to recovery. Strength training and injury prevention are the wave of the [...]

Personal Trainer & Artist: How Pongo Power Makes it Possible to Succeed in NYC

New York City is not an easy place to work, nor an easy place to live.  Our city can be stressful and expensive. The best people from every field are here, which makes all jobs extremely competitive. As anyone pursuing an artistic career knows, NYC requires an individual to straddle [...]

Eat Better, Eat Together

Communal meals are on the decline: a fact that has serious implications for our mental and physical health and well being. Sales of dining room tables have dropped, and the average American eats 1 in 5 meals in their car. People in the UK reported eating as many as 60% [...]