January 2016

The Power of Setting a Daily Intention

  The New Year! The gym is super crowded, pizza restaurants are empty and things are looking up. With the New Year in full swing, feeling rejuvenated and motivated, I asked myself; How do I keep these feelings afloat? How can I carry this excitement and determination with me and [...]

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail, Part Two: Motivation is Fleeting. Build Better Habits.

People often ask how to stay motivated day in and day out.  Questions abound regarding ways to fit workouts into hectic schedules, tips to eat better, and how to become "healthy" again after a prolonged period of poor nutrition and inactivity. Therein lays the problem. Motivation is fleeting. In part one, I discussed the [...]

December 2015

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail, Part One: Willpower & Habit Formation

Each year, countless people embark on a mission to better themselves. A new year offers hope and the chance to start again. It provides the perfect opportunity to pause and reconsider current habits and mindsets. It’s a spectacular thing that so many are able to identify a goal to work [...]

You’re Invited! We’re Hosting a Fundraising Party on February 20th!

WHO: You! WHAT: A Fundraising Party for the non-profit Documentary THIS MIGHT HURT.  You can watch the trailer, here. In 2015 our Grand Opening at Pongo Power Flatbush was fabulous.  We'll be hosting a similar type of event this year, with live music, open bar, and comedy to raise money [...]

April 2015

Win & Learn: Say ‘So Long’ to Being Stuck

This Spring, we had the good fortune of working with our neighbor Shira Burstein, LCSW at our team meeting!  Shira discussed how to deal with the emotional blocks that we all encounter in our lives, specifically in regard to achieving results when it comes to our health and fitness. We are honored to [...]

December 2014

“If You’re Happy and You Know It…”

Recently, I saw a commercial that sang their own words to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know it.” Instead of urging the listener to clap their hands if they were happy, the song went on to say if you’re also bored, lonely, guilty, stressed, ‘if you’re human [...]