June 2016

Introducing: Ask Pongo!

Got a question about fitness or nutrition? Ask Pongo! As National Academy of Sports Medicine trainers every Pongo Power team member has extensive knowledge of human movement science, kinesiology and functional movement patterns. In addition to ensuring consistency with training, this strong foundation enables us to build upon our base [...]

January 2016

The Power of Setting a Daily Intention

  The New Year! The gym is super crowded, pizza restaurants are empty and things are looking up. With the New Year in full swing, feeling rejuvenated and motivated, I asked myself; How do I keep these feelings afloat? How can I carry this excitement and determination with me and [...]

December 2015

Four Exercises To Never Do Post Partum

A woman’s body is truly amazing.  It’s able to stretch and expand in order to accommodate another human being in such a short amount of time (although it may not feel like a short time during pregnancy) and then return back to its normal size within months.  Her body creates, [...]

November 2015

An Update on Ally & Baby

Hello my Pongo family! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen your glistening faces and heard the curses fly amidst the Burpees and Mountan Climbers. I have to say, I truly miss you and training. […]