We couldn’t be more proud of our clients at Pongo Power, and we consider ourselves unbelievably lucky to work with such strong, inspiring women.

This Wednesday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. We are choosing to celebrate one of our loyal clients, Lara Hogan!

As Etsy’s engineering director on promoting performance, Lara is a leader in the technology industry and regularly shares performance advice on stage.

Lara’s been a client of Pongo Power’s for several years now, training with Desi, Ryan, and Shannon. In a previous blog post, she detailed her experiences with chronic illnesses, and the ways in which strength training served to strengthen her body and mind.

In a recent feature by Tech Mag, Lara discusses her strength training helps her be a better member of her team, and the ways in which it helps her own her presence at meetings.

“For me strength training means I’m physically working towards some goals, and measuring my success so much more tangibly than I can in my own work.

Being a member of an underrepresented group in tech, and sitting at the table full of a bunch of white dudes means that there’s many dynamics happening in that room. And if I’m feeling physically strong and like I’m achieving my own goals, then I’m able to sit at that table very differently.”

Tech Mag came to Pongo Power, and did a photoshoot with Lara and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Shannon Kim Wagner.

“I love working with Lara because I feel I learn just as much from her, as she does from me,” Shannon said. “She always shows up fully for whatever is demanded of her, whether that’s at work, or under the bar. I couldn’t be happier for her and all of her success. She’s destined for even greater things!”

Lara will be speaking at Google’s Women Techmakers Global Event Series on Saturday. The program provides resources, visibility, and community for women in technology. You can read more about her most recent book, Demystifying Public Speaking, here.