Client Appreciation!

It takes courage to walk through the door and work on developing physical strength. Especially if there are grand long term goals like losing and keeping off 15 pounds, learning how to run, or developing physical strength to correct poor chronic movement patterns.

Being told what to do takes a level of humility and humbleness. No one likes being told what's missing from their technique, and I appreciate my clients desire and drive to master movement and reach their goals. Their commitment to personal training with me is an example of their commitment to their own health and our partnership.


All of my current and incoming clients receive a free fitness assessment where we discuss these long term goals and how we are going to accomplish them together. It’s this partnership that I love about working with each and every client.

We do this by working on short term goals first. In a single session and up to 4-6 weeks, my clients transform. I admire my clients attention to detail and commitment to learning new ways to move. I also understand the amount of attention and time this takes! Their commitment shines through their results.

Here’s what Richard says:

I decided to try one of Pongo Power's six-week advanced programs, Flow Yo' Mojo with Brie Helmuth.  Brie explained to me that her original program focused on clubbell and FlowFit, neither of which I'd heard of before.

Flow Yo' Mojo was a totally new way to exercise.  I found Brie's program found very challenging, especially in the first few weeks, but the difference it has made in my body has been amazing.  Flow Yo' Mojo helped me build a lot of core strength (which is notoriously difficult) and taught me practices that I'll use on a weekly basis for the rest of my life.

Committing to a fitness program is monumental in taking on challenges: physical and mental. Thank you to all of my clients who work with me day after day toward improving their bodies and lives so they can be strong and confident for the people they love. What I see is possible for my clients beyond their long term goals with exercise, is a life with more confidence and ease.

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