Clubbells and Circular Strength Training

If you want to become more flexible and strong, while learning how to move with ease and grace, you should be training with Clubbells.

Improving your ability to move and flow sounds pretty good, right? Personally, I want to be able to navigate through these busy city streets with awareness, precision, and confidence. Among the other benefits of exercise, these are a few of the benefits of strength training with Clubbells.

Read below to find out how exercise with Clubbells helps practitioners learn sophisticated movements that improve strength and mobility.


Club swinging is an ancient tradition originating in Persia, with alternative club conditioning methods finding their start in Russia and India. Traditionally the Club served as a tool utilized by wrestlers and martial artists to improve grip strength, mobility, and connective tissue support. Although still widely used by martial artists, more recently, the Club has entered into the modern fitness world.

The modern Club got the name Clubbell ®, by Scott Sonnon. Sonnon is a world renowned Martial Artist and one of the Founding Directors at RMAX International, a global fitness performance community of teachers and students.  His experience as an athlete and coach led him to integrate Clubbells into our modern fitness system, because their strength and mobility benefits are unlike any other tool or modality currently being used.
Thus, Sonnon developed Circular Strength Training, an approach that integrates joint mobility, yoga flow, and Clubbell strength exercises. This style of training allows you to balance work with recovery in real time, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise protocol.

While the Clubbell is used to develop strength, it also restores flexibility. Movement chain development and better coordination are achieved through the learning of fun, dynamic exercises that are unlike anything else being taught today. Clubbells are unique in that they are the only exercise tool with a displaced center of mass. This creates a leverage challenge comparable to none, that calls on the stabilization and synergy of core muscles. Holding the Clubbell calls on muscular contraction of the hands rather than resting weight on soft tissues and skeletal structure, compared to kettlebells or dumbbells. When the Clubbell is swung, the center of mass can only move in relation to a fixed point of grip and body angle. In various swings, the body must adjust the way it pushes and pulls the displaced center of mass properly for optimal joint traction and muscle activation.

Benefits of using the Clubbell:

  • Improved grip strength

  • Better range of motion

  • Superior force production of torque to core

  • Heightened sense of body awareness

  • Access rotational, three-dimensional strength

  • Refined posture

Even if you’ve tried other types of exercise before and got bored or couldn’t make time, try the Clubbell program Flow Yo’ Mojo at Pongo Power. Daily routines range from 10 minutes to an hour, ensuring you’ll always have time to exercise. The novelty of the movement will challenge your body and mind, ensuring physical and mental results that will translate into all areas of your life.

So come learn how to flow with us and learn why Clubbell training, and Flow Yo’ Mojo, is so fun and effective!

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