You’re Invited!
Today!  Saturday, January 10th, 12noon to 6pm

The Grand Opening,
One Year Anniversary Celebration at
Pongo Power Flatbush

Saturday, January 10th 12noon to 6pm
Grand Opening Celebration @ 350 Flatbush

Get Motivated to Exercise!
Ever wonder what it is like to work with a personal trainer? Many people do not exercise for fear of injury. Talk to experts about your health history, any questions, and move forward into 2015.

Guided Visualization: Achieve Your Highest Level of Health and Fitness
Free to all guests at the event. Noted Graphic Artist, Jonny Goldstein will be guiding visitors through 1-on-1 visualization as he illustrates of your vision of your healthiest self.

Concrete Jungle Challenge
Everyone is invited to try this is an exciting and safe obstacle course! A fun way to challenge your core strength, test your balance, and improve your coordination. This is important as we enter into the icy winter.

Make Fun of Your Fitness with Live Comedy at 5pm
Laughing is a proven way to boost your serotonin levels, and achieve personal catharsis. NY Comic Jessica Delfino will be entertaining guests and singing her funny fitness rap.

Live Music: Alex Papp’s Original Songs, followed by Medicine Woman:  An original Americana folk experience sounded by fiddle, guitar and the lush vocal harmonies of Deborah Smith and Liz Hanley.

Delicious Brooklyn Locally Sourced Food and Artisanal Drinks  Do you love all the goodness of the farm to table food movement? Come enjoy free food, and tasty mixed drinks.

Come for the free food, stay for the artisanal drinks, live comedy and music!

New York Professionals, Friends, and Family Members who plan to be in great shape for 2015: mark your calendars!

Pongo Power’s newest location boasts 1,200 square feet of fabulous fitness equipment and a team of the best personal trainers out there. 2015 is YOUR time, to get into the best shape of your life, and we can help you.

On January 10th, Pongo Power is hosting our One Year Anniversary, Grand Opening Celebration. Come in, talk to us, and celebrate! It’s a party.

Fitness demonstrations, an obstacle course, free food, live comedy and live music. You’ll have special access to experts who can help you overcome the weak links in your current fitness programming, or just help you get to the next level.

PLUS: Giveaways for free personal training sessions, class cards, hoodies, t-shirts, and foam rollers!

Grand Opening Event Details, as listed in the Daily News!