Competition: Inspiring, or Exhausting?

Pongo Power's Running Club is Community Based.

In NYC, one cannot avoid competition.

It is a part of everyday life: who will get that seat on the subway; pick the shortest line at the supermarket; or win the raffle for Hamilton tickets (I still haven’t gotten that last one, argh!)? The list can go on and on.

Competition can be motivating, but it can also be exhausting and frustrating. It often gets in the way of enjoyment, or learning. We tend to compare ourselves to those around us, and as adults, we are less inclined to allow ourselves to make mistakes. Yet, mistakes are gifts! Mistakes are part of normal learning and growth. Making mistakes in a supportive environment creates the safety needed to try again, and to learn.

Mastery comes with time and practice, and taking the space to focus only on yourself is a wonderful space to be in. In our one-on-one training sessions at Pongo Power, there is no one to compete with, just you and your trainer working as a time. We’ve cultivated a space where learning about your body and finding out what it can do, happens as a result of the partnerships with our personal trainers, and the focus that a semi-private setting provides.

When we began to build small-group class options at Pongo Power, preserving this freedom-to-learn space has been a goal. Community is important to us!

We are gearing up for our next round of Rev Up to Run this fall.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn to run, but didn’t know where to start; or, have been a runner who’s been injured from running in the past, this class is for you. As a group, everyone works together to reach a common goal - learning how to prepare before a run, so that you can enjoy the run, and running a 5K race!

Classes are structured to meet the participant’s needs. Exercise programming for releasing tight muscles, stretching techniques, and strength training are modified to fit the needs of each person, so everyone has a tailored cross-training plan.  Group runs provide a great social support. Cheering one another on, with the guidance of your coaches (every step of the way) creates an empowering context and a structure for fulfillment.

Running can be a challenge, and it can also be an accessible way to get outside, and build endurance along with cardiovascular health.

If you’d like to hear more about the program, email Coach Ben for additional info!

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