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Pongo Power is a health and fitness corporation with two physical establishments in Brooklyn, New York. Our team of medical exercise specialists and personal trainers have been transforming the health of our clients for 12 years. Pongo training practices are founded upon science, and thereby effective.

How is Pongo Corporate Coaching different than personal training? The Pongo methodology delivers a coaching curriculum to engage the systems in the body that counteract the impact of being seated. This curriculum includes necessary functions, such as developing core strength, deep glute engagement, and corrective medical exercise to improve posture and alignment. 

Pongo Wellness Coaches travel to your office, in order to serve the needs of employees who are seated and/or perform repetitive motions. We consult with your team leaders to determine which aspects of the office are working and not working quite as well. For example, when employees who are given options such as standing desks and yoga, first engage in the new behaviors and movements, many times the aches and pains that are caused by a lack of core strength are exacerbated.

When it comes to decreasing the adverse impact of being seated, the main challenge is that traditional solutions lack the foundation needed to engage in standing for longer periods of time, and/or engaging in unusual movements, such as practicing traditional yoga.  The deep, intrinsic-stabilization muscle that surrounds the joints in the body (such as the spinal column) must be activated before the employee can enjoy the benefit of an ergonomically-designed, standing desk; or enjoy the result of an ancient form of flexibility training, such as yoga.

Stabilization muscle fiber is located throughout the body, and it is important to activate this muscle fiber to correct muscular skeletal alignment. Unless a person is aware of proper posture, and how to sit safely, skeletal alignment is thrown off when seated in front of a computer.  For example, design teams that work in marketing departments, require being taught how to stabilize their necks, shoulders, and wrists, to alleviate issues such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel and shoulder impingement.

Pongo Power has served as a vital alternative to gyms for more than a decade. Our professionals consult with one another, as well as the medical community, so that we can deliver the best possible corrective exercise programming to our clients.

We are looking forward to coming to your office, and helping your team today!

Email Isabel Devlin, izzy@pongopower.com or call 718-638-7722 to set up a free consultation. A Pongo Wellness Coach will come to your office, to determine which of our corporate coaching programs are right for your team.

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