Dismantling White Supremacy Series – Part 1: Unpacking

Dismantling White Supremacy Part 1: Unpacking

by Izzy Devlin

In light of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent enormous uprising; I, as a white woman, want to share some resources for white people to educate themselves on what is happening right now and why. 

*Please note: this is Part 1 of a 3-Part series. In this post, we are simply starting the conversation of white supremacy and I address the purpose of protesting to honor George Floyd and to dismantle systemic racism.

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It is increasingly clear that it is the responsibility of the white community to educate themselves and support the black community in efforts to dismantle systemic racism. It is not enough to be passively non-racist. We must be actively anti-racist. 

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There is no point in anything that we are doing if we are not actively lifting up our fellow human-being in need. 

To speak on police brutality for a moment: part of the systemic racism that exists, thrives within the American policing system. The current police system requires police to perform many job duties that they are simply not properly trained to do.

Some police officers live in fear of citizens, and are quick to react with extreme force; even though more times than not the citizens are outnumbered and outgunned. By and large, police officers react to situations involving black people more violently than those involving white people. This is a conditioning that can be undone. Racism is learned.

In regards to the protests: the visceral pain that the black community feels, seeing yet another member of their community unjustly murdered must not be mitigated. As white people, we can’t truly understand this. Even still, we must try. We must continue to envision ourselves and our loved ones in these situations in order to attempt to understand the severity of this situation. Protesting works. When you are asking why this is happening, consider that you have been conditioned to put property over people and that you can untangle those thought patterns. 

The work of dismantling racism is a life's work. We encourage you to take the first steps in dedicating yourself to making a lasting change.  If you are interested in learning more, please read Part 2 of this series, which breaks down how you can start to implement much-needed change into your own life.

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As the General Manager for Pongo Power, Izzy helps oversee and manage ongoing projects in all departments. Her knacks for organization and administration help Pongo Power implement the much needed systems for a growing small business!

She brings over 10 years of administrative, client-oriented and managerial experience as well as a personal passion for health and wellness! During her free time, Izzy is often at the gym/yoga studio, on a long walk through the city or searching for a new vegan restaurant!

“My passion in life is to make things as simple as possible. I believe we can achieve anything as long as we truly understand it. We can understand anything if it’s broached to us in a language we comprehend. My goal is to speak YOUR language!”

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