Why Are Mobility And Strength So Important?

Do you know a Stretchy Stacie? She is flexible, rhythmic, can change direction quickly, and is light on her feet.

Perhaps you know a Powerful Pattie? Someone who can press their bodyweight, squats heavy regularly, and can pull their body weight up?

Well, thanks to Clubbell training, I know a Pacie who is both flexible and powerful!

Consider this; you don’t have to be one or the other. You can be both. Even if you are sedentary and don’t move much, or at all. Everyone's body can learn and adapt with the right coach.

In his book Anatomy Trains, Thomas Meyers calls the Stacie’s out there, Temple Dancers and Pattie’s Vikings. For example, Temple Dancers are the yogis and dancers who extend their limbs through multiple ranges and are very flexible and agile because of this. On the other hand, Vikings are those who move linearly and load their body weight and develop muscular strength and power in doing so.

Centuries ago in Ancient Greece, at the start of the Olympic Games, statues of men with bulging muscles surrounded temples and cities and provided am image of what it was to be physically strong and beautiful bodies.

We see a similar obsession with bodybuilding today. Heavy resistance training used to develop muscle, strength, and bone health, by many. This type of lifting is one- and two-dimensional exercise, where isotonic muscle movements dominated and muscles were built.

Fitness has evolved with time, and a greater understanding of the functionality of movement is now widely utilized in workout programming. This has been labeled "functional fitness" training.

Functional fitness trains muscles to work together and prepares them for daily tasks at home, work, or sports. Functional fitness is a three-dimensional design that moves the body through three standard planes, forward and backward, side to side, and twisting.

Functional fitness trains the body to move better through movements that are used often in daily life. These movements incorporate angular and diagonal aspects and are utilized in many athletic game sports, dance, and functional fitness training programming. Additionally, functional fitness can correct over used and tight muscles that dominate through repetitive movement.

During Pongo Power movement screenings, we've seen the damaging effects of sitting at a desk all day first hand. These effects can be (and are) reversed through proper movement.

One way is with a six-degrees-of-freedom movement design. This method adds rotational aspects of pitching (forward and backward), yawing (twisting), and rolling (bending side to side) to the translational elements of swaying (side to side), heaving (up and down), and surging (forward and backward). Check out our training program, Flow Yo’ Mojo, which leverages Circular Strength Training (CST) method developed by Coach Scott Sonnon.

This fitness form of training sophisticates weight lifting through Clubbell swinging and multiplanar bodyweight flows. It is this training program that bridges the gap between strength training and mobility. This is how our friend, Pacie, trains!

Is it better to be a Temple Dancer or a Viking?

Neither is worse or better. I think that flexibility, functional fitness, 6 degrees of freedom, linear strength training, 3-dimensional strength training have their benefits. I do believe that both can be done throughout the week and can truly balance a body to be nimble and strong.

My strength training is done primarily indoors, at a gym, because it requires heavy equipment. I see a lot of people in the gym doing the same sort of linear movements as I do with heavy weights. My bodyweight work, dance, yoga, and Clubbell swinging can be done outdoors or in a large studio with plenty of space.

I balance my week with yoga, bodyweight flow (breakdance), linear weightlifting, and 3D weightlifting with Clubbells. I have goals to move more freely and pain free, through multiple ranges of motion and want to be powerful.

I invite you to consider strength and flexibility training for yourself or your corporate team using our Flow Yo’ Mojo training program. To schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone call breakthrough session, contact Brie@pongopower.com for more information.


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