Friendship Month

September is International Friendship Month, and we have a few great ways to celebrate, while connecting with your friends and working on your fitness goals!

Try a New Class Together

It’s always easier to do something new when you have a buddy to brave it with you!  Always wanted to try yoga, spinning, or strength training? Human beings are more likely to keep an appointment when someone else is relying on us.  So, here’s a chance to support your friend, try a new activity, and be supported at the same time!

Connect With Technology

Apple watch, Fitbit, as well as a number of fitness apps encourage you to build a community with your friends.  You can track each other’s progress, cheer each other on, and help hold each other accountable. I have one client who says, when she sees her sister’s activity pop up on her app, she is more motivated to get her own workout in!  

Go Shopping Together… For Groceries

Even though we are all busy, it’s important to find time to prioritize our health and wellness.  Call on your friends to help! Meeting up to grocery store, to shop together gives you a good 30-45 minutes of talk time, plus you can inspire each other with yummy meal and snack ideas, as you stroll the supermarket aisles.  Maybe a home-cooked meal and a movie, can follow!

Try Some Partner Exercises

Bodyweight Static Squat: Stand back-to-back with a friend.  Keeping your backs connected, each walk your feet forward as you bend your knees, so that you land in a squat position, supporting each other’s backs.  Hold the squat as long as you can, then walk your way back to standing. Repeat 3X

Torso Rotation: Stand back-to-back with a friend. Friend A is  holding a ball. It can be a medicine ball, a soccer ball, or a beach ball. While keeping hips squared, Friend A twists to the right and passes the ball to Friend B. Friend B, then twist to the right to pass the ball back to Friend A.  Do 5 rotations to the right, then switch, and do 5 rotations to the left.

Plank taps: start in plank position on your hands, across from your friend who’s also in plank. Each lift your right hand and tap the other’s hand, then place back onto the ground. Alternate arms 10-20 reps.  Place knees on the ground if full plank is too difficult.

Sign Up For a Pongo Power Buddy Training Session

Did you know that at Pongo Power, you can sign up for a personal training session, with a friend? Take the leap towards healthier and active lives together! What do you have to lose? Contact us today to get started on your wellness goals. We can teach you (and a friend!) all you need to know to get fit, healthy, and strong.

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