Pongo Power’s Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are billed as the most magical time of the year, and for many people around the world, they're just that!

Still, for many more, the holidays can be stressful and emotionally triggering. Inactivity, aches and pains from traveling, and a surplus of delicious foods can leave many people feeling "off", or simply, not their best.

That's why we compiled a few of our recent blogs, written to help you feel great emotionally and physically, this holiday season.

Here's Pongo Power's Holiday Survival Guide!

How to Break Free From The Endless Cycle of Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Gaining weight and losing weight is hard, and it doesn’t matter if you’re middle aged, young, old, male, or female. It also doesn’t matter if you’re an American. The fact that I’m even writing this is a testament to the fact that our current society has culturally contrived to keep us wound up in this mess. So, now that the hard part is over, how do we break free?

Tips to Feel Great While Traveling

Training and wellness is all about sticking to a routine.

When you travel, each day can pack in a completely different schedule.  Situational variables, such as unpredictable gym set ups, an inconsistent sleep schedule, and limited options for healthy meal choices present a challenges. How often do you come back from a trip feeling mentally and emotionally relaxed, but low-back pain from sitting on the plane has crept back in; maybe you are experiencing nagging knee pain from walking more than usual; or, perhaps your energy level is low from lack of movement and heavy meals?

How to Make Healthy Choices on Thanksgving

The holidays are such a magical time. Whatever your religion is, or isn’t, the holidays provide time to gather around, with the ones you love, to share laughter and food! It’s also a time that many of us dread because of all the temptations and delicious & rich foods! I’ve compiled some tips that help me make better choices on this day.

Avoid Emotional Eating Triggers on Thanksgiving Day

It is natural that the holiday season is emotional, and can drive up whatever it is that we have to celebrate, or that which we avoid. Ten-to-fifteen years ago, I was fearful in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. This was before I had made the commitment to talk to a registered dietician, and before I had cultivated mindful eating practices.


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