How Pongo Power Supports My Creativity & Passion

Lifestyle is a tremendous part of personal training. As a personal trainer and an athlete, it is vital for my performance to get rest, proper nutrition, and my own exercise and wellness dialed in. For me, an integral part of wellness includes dance. I dedicate one night a week to going out dancing with friends and dance partners. I show up; and whether I’m solo, with a friend, or a group, I know that I will have a good time, and have an avenue to express myself creatively.

It has always been a part of Pongo Power’s mission to support my creative lifestyle outside of personal training. Since my first interview, CEO, Elizabeth Pongo, has made it mandatory for employees to take two days off. I remember her clearly saying how important it is that we have lives outside of work, where we can dedicate time to our passions and creative pursuits. She told me that she had two nights a week, dedicated to her comedy lifestyle and that it was important for her to have this while being a personal trainer. This time to cultivate a creative lifestyle gives me balance, energy and motivation to continue to provide my best for our clients.

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Furthermore, taking time for dance has allowed me to be a part of performance pieces. In August, I had the privilege of performing at the Alvin Ailey with the Ladies of Hip Hop Dance Festival. I was a part of the piece, ‘Adios Love’ directed by Nubian Nene with Ladies Adios. It had been my dream for 10 years to have the opportunity to perform at Alvin Ailey and this was my chance.

Some of the Pongo community came to my performance and it meant so much to me. These are not just the people I do work with, but also the people I can share myself creatively with!

Being a personal trainer at Pongo Power has enabled me to grow professionally and creatively outside of my professional career.

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