How Using Your Core Protects Your Back, So You Can Lead Your Fullest Life

At Pongo Power, it’s no secret that we love core work! In fact, all of our clients are first taught how to correctly engage their transverse abdominis before moving onto other types of exercise. Focusing on the abdominals may seem like an exercise in vanity, but we are more interested in helping clients lead full, rich lives; than we are in “sculpting” a toned tummy: after all, toned abs are just the natural & organic added benefit!

So why all the core work?

Have you ever heard of someone experiencing pain in their lower back that’s preventing them from moving freely? Have you ever wanted to swoop your child up, into the air, but stopped due to lower back tension? We want to help everyone live pain free. That starts with building a strong foundation, and doing lots of core work!

Your transverse abdominis is the the musculature responsible for stabilizing your spine, hips, and limbs, throughout all movement.

The transverse abdominis (TA) is located under the rectus abdominis (rectus abdominis are the muscles we typically train when we think of “six-pack” abs), and acts as a natural human girdle.

Since the function of the core is to stabilize, while the rest of the body moves, it is best to utilize exercises that more directly mimic this function; as opposed to crunches. While exercises like planks train the core using stabilization; often times, trainees have a difficult time accessing their transverse abdominis, and end up not training their lower abs at all!

This means that many people end up training the more superficial musculature of the core, and simply cannot activate properly through their transverse abdominis. When this occurs, the function of the kinetic chain is altered, and movement patterns become less safe and stable. Eventually, this could lead to “tweaking” or hurting your lower back when performing simple activities, like: taking out the trash; playing with your kids; or, one client came to us after “throwing their back out” while closing a window!

Spring is the time for new beginnings. We are committed to helping you lead your life to the fullest.

Prevent lower back pain, possibile tension, and injury by learning about proper stabilization techniques now! The future you will thank you!

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