Learning how to work with the barbell is extremely rewarding, both mentally and physically. Compound movements such as the squat, bench, and deadlift strengthen the entire body, effectively building muscle mass and increasing bone density. Trainees report higher self esteem and confidence levels as well an increased sense of self-efficacy.


  • Efficiently train the entire body
  • Learn proper warmup and proper form, ensuring safe training
  • Customized programming strengthens weak muscle groups
  • Builds strong core and back muscles
  • Increase overall feeling of power and ability level


  • For me strength training means I’m physically working towards some goals, and measuring my success so much more tangibly than I can in my own work. Being a member of an underrepresented group in tech, and sitting at the table full of a bunch of white dudes means that there’s many dynamics happening in that room. And if I’m feeling physically strong and like I’m achieving my own goals, then I’m able to sit at that table very differently.

    Lara Hogan
  • The trainers have given me the tools I need to use ANY gym and the confidence to be myself year round. I owe them endlessly.

    Vito Fun
  • Anyone can stretch, lift weights, and ride a machine. At Pongo Power, they create personal challenges, starting you at the right level, marking your progress, all while taking music requests.

    Jeff G.
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