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This article was written and contributed by Dr. Alana Bloom. She is a chiropractor and the founder of Bloom Chiropractic in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She works with individuals, families and pregnant women. Feel free to contact her at dralanabbloom@gmail.com or 845.605.8993

The secret is long out. Exercise is key to achieving and maintaining physical and mental health. But, what if it does not work? Do you really know how to achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals? What method(s) of training would help you reach them in the quickest, safest, most effective way? This answer is not the same for each individual – even for those who share the same goals, each person’s body composition and biomechanics vary. Additionally, each person lives a unique journey that encompasses the physical, mental and emotional traumas encountered, which is continually integrated by the body’s nervous system.

Sure, one can google “best exercises,” obtain a mapped out exercise program online, or follow a routine in an exercise class; but, do you really know how these exercises are influencing your nervous system? Are you building upon an unstable foundation? Is what you are doing adding insult to injury, despite the fact that you may look like a bodybuilder? Please do not misunderstand, attending a workout class and working out on your own can sometimes be exactly what is needed, but obtaining a proper evaluation from a personal training expert such as the excellent variety of specialized trainers at Pongo Power can help save you time, energy, and frankly your health.

Furthermore, the professionals at Pongo Power collaborate within their team, as well as with outside professionals, to not only help their clients achieve their goals, but also to fully unlock and enhance the quality of each client’s life.

As a chiropractor, I believe that one form of professional care that is perfect for collaboration is chiropractic. And it’s not what you may think; chiropractic is not solely for pain due to an acute injury. The main reason one can be evaluated by a chiropractor is because the spine provides a window into the nervous system and brain. When a person is under the care of a chiropractor, interference in the nervous system may be decreased, so that neurological messages more easily travel to and from the brain. The body, in its awe- inspiring capacity, can reprogram and build new pathways and habits so that the body and mind can function at its optimum. This is a process known as neuroplasticity. As you can imagine, training the body utilizing this optimal foundation, will set the stage for the expert personal trainer to aid his/her client in

achieving maximal gains. So, turn your power on through chiropractic and personal training and watch your goals bloom!

To learn more and receive a sample evaluation, sign-up for our event on Sunday, March 31st 5:30-7:30pm.

Peace and Posture: Achieving Balance in Your Body, Mind and World.  Meet with Pongo Power expert personal trainers and Dr. Alana Bloom, Chiropractor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

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