Lifestyle Choices to Stay In Motion

I hear it all the time: I want to look and feel better in my body and I hate going to the gym! My response is usually, that’s fine!! You can stand up tall, spread your arms wide, and open your palms. Squeeze fingers together, and pull shoulders down. There it is! 

The gym isn’t always for everyone AND you don’t have to go to the gym to feel and look better! In fact, at Pongo Power, we like to call ourselves the speak easy gym, where you can go, have a personalized workout designed for your body and goals, and experience a workout in private setting.

Below are some guidelines to follow when adapting to a new, healthier lifestyle.


Have a plan in place and stick to it.

Set attainable (and smart) goals. What does that mean? SMART goals are:


Be Specific: have goals that are clear.

Some questions to ask yourself when you realize you’d like more physical activity are:

What exactly do I want to achieve?

Where would I like to do my workouts?

What are my exercise limitations and conditions?

What worked in the past when I worked out?

What do I like about exercise?

Why do I want to reach this goal?


Make your goals measurable.

What do I want to see when I reach my goal? Insider tip: work backwards from there to set smaller, short-term goals and benchmarks. Usually, short term goals are met within 6-8 weeks, while medium term would be 3-4 months, and a long term goal is 6 months to a year from now. Ask yourself: 

By when will I achieve this goal?

How will I track my progress?

Do I like paper kitchen calendars, or do I enjoy measuring my progress in an app on my phone?

How often? 


Set attainable goals.

What are your time, financial, and skill requirements?

Make sure your actions are relevant to your goals. If you want to meal prep, but you've never done it before, you may need to ask a friend for help.  Also, when you look at your daily life, you know which activities can be cut out and which activities are rewarding.  By creating goals that are attainable, you'll feel that sense of fulfillment that comes with doing something simple, that serves you well. 


Start with just looking at the next 14 days of your life, and pick realistic, that you know fits within a do-able increment of time. You may need to ask a trusted friend for their support. Talking about how realistic your goal is with a professional can help as well.  So start talking to the people you care about and consider getting a partner.

Accountability partners can make or break your fitness journey, so choose wisely!

Look for someone who is dependable and as committed to their fitness goals are you are to yours.

Is this goal something that matters to you and your life?

Does your goal support your relationships?


Be Timely.

Set deadlines and goal projections.

Schedule your workouts: Your calendar is your best friend.

Scheduling your workouts can assist you in not feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks that come up in your week and honor your time for working out.


Do workouts that support the type of shape you’d like to be in.

There are a million and one workout plans, styles, modalities, you name it! 

Are you looking to lose weight? Gain muscle? Feel more energized? You may benefit from seeing a personal trainer at least a couple times to tailor a program specifically for your needs. Once you have a clear vision on how to properly workout and what works with your long-term goals, you'll be able to fit the right workouts into your day.

Create an environment that supports your new lifestyle.

Last, but certainly not least, you will need to create an environment that supports you rather than work against you.

This may take some adjustment, but remember what is important to you and why you are on this journey and things will fall into place.

Want to feel fit, healthy, and strong? Reach out to us through the form below!

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