We all know that it takes a lot of stick–to–itiveness to get into the truly healthy physical shape that we each want to be in.  It is one thing to have ideas about what it would mean to be healthy, strong, and confident; it is fully another to actually be physically robust, limber, and powerful.  In our current American society, that sort of physical well being almost seems like a theoretical concept for many people, rather than a reality.  Turning a thought, that was just an idea of what it would mean to be strong and healthy into a reality, is exactly what our client, Mamie did.

During a ClubMed vacation, Mamie fell in love with trapeze a little too much.  Flying five or more times each day for six days in a row took a toll on her body, despite having prepared for months beforehand.  On day six, she learned a new trick, set split, that strained her collar bone.

“I instantly knew something was wrong, but kept going anyways.  After trying the trick a few more times, I realized it was more than a minor strain.”

And then one day, we meet the people who will stick with us and see us through to the other side. Working as a team, Pongo Power trainer Julie Petrusak  and Mamie carefully figured out what was unstable in the joint mechanics of Mamie’s shoulder, and set to the task of consistently stabilizing Mamie’s shoulder girdle.  Once Julie identified the faulty movement patterns,  she then taught Mamie the corrective exercise needed to repair the micro-trauma.

Through consistently implementing the exercise program that Julie designed, Mamie was able to build the strength needed to return to trapeze.  Mamie signed up for a workshop at Streb, and was able to safely perform the set split.  She takes trapeze classes regularly and continues to train with us in order to perfect her pike, set split, and also to stay strong.

“Flying is like dance, yoga, gymnastics and skydiving all at once.  It’s a thrill but also works every inch of your mind and body.  And when you do it right, it looks and feels absolutely beautiful.”