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My mother had me enrolled in some sort of 'activity' for as long as I can remember. I think it's because I've always been a firecracker, full of energy. She needed a break, as well as a way for me to get my energy out in a positive manner! I love her so much for it.

I played league soccer, league basketball, and league hardball (we didn't have a softball team, so I had to play with the boys) until 7th grade; at which point I was allowed to start playing school sports. In 7th grade: I ran cross country; swam on the swim team; and ran/participated in track and field; in which I competed in high jump, discus, and was the only female participant in shot put. In 8th grade: I tested into playing on the Junior Varsity Teams for all of my sports; and I continued to practice those sports until my mother passed when I was in 10th grade. Senior year: I 'mixed it up' and tried out for football cheerleading instead of swim team. I made the team and participated in cheerleading for a year.

After my mother passed, I sort of lost my passion for the things that were important to me while I was growing up. Throughout college and thereafter, I would exercise semi-regularly in order to keep some weight off; but it took about 10 years for me to reignite my passion for movement.

5 years ago I started to believe in myself again.

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My FIRST time in forearm stand without a wall behind me for mental security. You can see that my nervousness toward falling without the wall behind me for 'protection', really effected the proper setup or alignment of my body and then how that negatively effects my stability while Im up. Psychology is a HUGE factor in fitness. As I practice, that anxiety will lift. I cant give up. I have to exercise patience in my practice, that will allow me to progress. KEEP GOING. #personaltrainer #triathlete #bjjwomen #keepworking #keepmoving #keeptraining #stayfocused #staypositive #instavideo #instafit #fitfam #fitspo #fitchick #goals #goaloriented #settinggoals #progress #uncomfortable #getcomfortable #brooklyn #nyc #jessicastone #stoneworks #bodymasonry #jessicastoneworksbodymasonry

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I started moving more, learning more about how our bodies work, and working with my friends to stay fit. About 4 years ago, I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) at the same time that I became a NASM certified Personal Trainer. BJJ has really helped me to realize that I am strong and motivated; it helped me to find my confidence. 2 years ago I decided to give Olympic Distance Triathlons a try, as a way to help motivate and set positive examples for my clients. Here I found another love, as well as the realization of my ability to thrive, using my body putting in simple, hard work. I also really, fully realized how much joy I derive from putting in this simple, hard work!

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#tb to June 2015 when I earned my purple belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and I completed my first triathlon in the same week. Personally, I need the motivation right now. I need to look at this picture and remind myself what Im capable of if I take a deep breath and bear down on my life goals. I try my best to stay positive, but Im a sensitive person. The world has me feelin real bummed out on the regular, right now. Its distracting me from the goals that I have set for myself. So I look at pictures. I remind myself that, I am in charge of my life. Who's with me? #positivity #neededmotivation #motivation #triathlete #bjjgirls #bjjwomen #personaltrainer #discipline #community #purplebelt #bodymasonry #life #goals #accomplishments #instapositive #fitspo

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I consistently take time to readdress and break down 'life goals' into 3 fields: six-month goals, two-year goals, and five-year goals.

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I had a long run on tired legs today. Afterwards, I spent time addressing my hip imbalances. Everyone should spend time addressing their muscle imbalances in order to improve how we move! If we move better, we feel better! If we feel better, we are happier! If we are happier, we tend to positively effect others lives 🙂 Right now, I need to move better in order to progress toward my goal of witteling down my triathlon time. If you look closely, you can see that my hips are uneven and my hip mobility is uneven. I spend a lot of time utilizing self-myofacial release, static stretching, and activation exercises to address these issues. #fitness #muscleimbalance #triathlon #training #longrun #deadlegs #push #workinprogress #progress #hipmobility #smr #stretch #foamroll #triathlete

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As of today, my six-month goals are to: address and 'fix' my hip issues so that I can get back into running for training; start relearning how to read sheet music; and to teach my dog to roll 'all the way' over.

My two-years-from-now goals include: being invited to the World Championships for Olympic Distance Triathlons; to know how to play the piano; to have taught my dog to come on command while she's outside.

My five-year goals include: having my black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; not needing roommates; to have visited a significant stretch of The Andes Mountains. 

I want to help people.

I am very passionate about helping people figure out how to live their life; in the best possible manner, with respect to their needs and wants. Once upon a time, I worked in Social Work; however this field left me severely burnt out. I left my job in Social Work in Buffalo, NY and moved to Brooklyn. I realized I could still help people through my passion for health and fitness. I made the scary decision to commit to a career change. I put my nose to the grindstone, and I'm very happy with the decision that I made!

Other than my solid belief in tested and supported science; I also believe that as humans we are made for and are meant to be moving.

I am very malleable with my thoughts. I'm consistently trying to learn more about the world around me and the roles that I play in this world. Ideas, paradigms, and science are constantly growing and evolving; because of this, I would never say that I hold on to one specific belief in regard to what is 'good' for any single person. For example, doctors used to prescribe smoking to help suppress coughing until in the 1950's, when the medical community realized through science that cigarettes were actually not good for us. Science is constantly evolving and so should our beliefs in respect to this science.

Intertwined with this, is the fact that although humans are incredibly similar we are also incredibly different from one another. Your life experience, is different than my life experience. Your body moves differently than my body. It is with this knowledge that I work with this paradigm, 'let's figure out what is going to work best for you, in order to help you accomplish the goals that are the best fit for you.'

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