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Our Mission

Our mission is to teach our clients how to exercise safely and effectively. We enhance quality of every life through fitness, education, and community. Pongo Power’s mission is to support each and every member of the community on their path towards a healthier, stronger, and better way of life.

The staff at Pongo Power work together as a community and consult with each other, in order to utilize our combined knowledge and expertise to best support our clients. In doing so, we deliver the best possible fitness training and nutrition solutions to our clients through personalized programming, tailored to fit each individual’s unique needs and goals.

Our Vision

Pongo Power envisions a world where everyone has the tools necessary to take responsibility for their health and wellness, in order to lead a life of freedom, joy, and self expression.

We are a community leader in personal fitness, providing exceptional and innovative programs and services that result in measurable and transformational changes in the lives of those we serve.

Our Core Values


Our staff upholds honesty, respect, and dedication with regards to every client’s right to exercise safely and free of judgement.


Trainers collaborate with one another to provide optimal programming and work together to ensure every client’s needs are met.


Clients are seen as individuals that need specific programming to address their unique fitness and wellness goals.


Training is based on the application of scientifically-demonstrated techniques that improve mobility and build strength.

Our Goals

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At the heart of everything Pongo Power does is the firm belief that safe and effective fitness activity saves lives. Not only does exercise strengthen the body, it’s been shown to strengthen the mind, as well as elongate lifespan.



All Pongo Power clients are educated throughout the training process, so that they understand the way their bodies move and have the tools necessary to lead fulfilling lives. We continually further our education as a team to be certain that we are able to offer the best possible solutions and evidence-based training to our clients.



Pongo Power builds positive relationships with clients, staff, and our fellow human being in the global community. As we help to improve the quality of those lives around us, we make a difference in the world.

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