New Year’s Resolutions to STOP MAKING in 2019

This 2019, it's time to resolve to stop participating in behaviors that don't serve us!

Here's Pongo Power's Guide to New Year's Resolutions to STOP!

Using Instagram For "Fitness Inspiration"

If you’re into fitness, or have fitness goals, chances are you follow any number of fitness-related instagram accounts for “inspiration”. Anytime you need an extra push to get to the gym or choose to go grocery shopping instead of ordering delivery, you may open the app and navigate to your favorite insta-celebrity. The image of a toned, thin, seemingly fit person on your screen might motivate you, logic dictates, to alter your lifestyle to achieve the same level of fitness. But, will seeing yet another fitness-celebrity’s six pack really elicit change in your behavior, or will it instead continue to reinforce your self-limiting beliefs and entanglement in a culture that insists: the smaller you are, the happier you will feel?

Cleanses and Fad Diets

Every New Year, people around the country resolve to make positive changes in their lives. While this promoting this behavior isn’t inherently bad, it is often delivered with some problematic messaging around food, weight loss, and diets, by many “fitness professionals”, gyms, and marketers.

One of those behaviors is undergoing a “cleanse” or “detox”, or committing to a fad diet.

Weighing Yourself Frequently

I'll never forget the first day that I asked my nutritionist, "Why don't you weigh me?" I was mad. I was 31 years old and I had been going to see her for 3 whole months. There was a scale right there, in her office.  It actually took a lot of courage for me to ask her. I was so ashamed of my weight, and I didn’t understand why she wasn’t weighing me...


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