Carol tells the story of her hip replacement, while Jonny Goldstein illustrates and his daughter looks on!

What an event we shared, this January 10th, 2014.  Neighbors, clients, members, friends, and family joined together to celebrate the first year of doing business at Pongo Power Flatbush, our 2nd location!  Existing clients and trainers told stories of how we have completely changed our bodies and our lives by committing to consistent exercise and working according to the proper principals of exercise prescription.

In this illustration, Carol tells the story of her hip replacement, and how she is now stronger and feels younger than she did at age 50.   Carol can bench press her weight, do 20 pushups, and now, happily renovates houses.  She’s been training consistently, and gets stronger every year!

The live music, artisanal drinks, locally sourced food, and live comedy (though outstanding!) were hard to compare to the poignant transformation stories.  We steamed up the joint with our laughter, dancing, and general merriment.  Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!


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