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In February, Pongo Power team members Elizabeth and Shannon took off for a Surf and Yoga retreat in the Canary Islands. The experience was challenging and exciting, and led to a desire to develop a more unique, individual, and holistic approach to the retreat experience.

The beginners in the group found the experience especially challenging and fatiguing, which led to some interesting conversations amongst the travelers. Daisy and John, a lovely couple from England, revealed that though they were athletic, they’d never surfed before, and were not anticipating how demanding the activity proved to be!

Elizabeth inquired what drove Daisy and John to attend a surf retreat, despite never having surfed before. “We’re not fans of big resort holidays.” John explained, “We prefer adventures, and experiences. We recently went kayaking and camping in the Swedish archipelago, for example.”

Daisy said that they’d seen surfers while visiting Tenerife. “John wanted to have a go,” she laughed, “But I was terrified!” Ultimately, the couple determined going on a week-long retreat dedicated to surfing would be more advantageous than simply taking an hour-long lesson. Thus, they signed up for the Surfing and Yoga retreat in Lanzarote, with no preparation.

“You see, I’m a runner,” John explained. “I’m conditioned to that sport.” Participating in a different sport left him winded, with aching muscles not used to the physical demands of surf.

The other beginners without any prior athletic prowess also experienced more soreness and overall exhaustion; much more so than the members of the group who had some physical activity or sport in their recent history.

Vacation is often seen as an escape from day-to-day life. Activity-based retreats are physically demanding, and because of that fact, not everyone feels ready to go on such an adventure.

After returning from vacation, life resumes its normal day-to-day pace. At Pongo Power, we believe everyone should be given the tools to live the life they want to; to understand their bodies; and the ability to invest time in a healthy lifestyle, not just via exercise training in the gym, but also, through helping our clients to choose activities and sports to be in training for.

Pongo Power believes that retreats can be integrated into the lives of participants before the vacation starts. This means that retreat-goers will be given the tools and knowledge needed to adequately prepare for what the trip has in store. By doing this work, anyone can feel more prepared and ready to go on a fun, healthy adventure. After the trip is over, travelers will feel emboldened to further explore their physical wellness and strength, in their day-to-day lives. This can eliminate the concept of vacation as an escape, and will contribute to improving overall quality of life.

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