Self-Mastery, for You and for Us

What is Self-Mastery?

Everyone wants peace, peace for ourselves, and peace for this planet. We want to understand ourselves on a deeper level and we want to know our purpose for being here; but how do we accomplish this?

We start with ourselves.

We start by mastering ourselves. Self-mastery allows people to recognize and quiet the constant flow of fearful and judgmental 'Ego-mind' chatter.  By maintaining practices that allow the light vibration of spirit to empower us, we can live out our dharmic purpose and attract all the joy and abundance that the earth holds for us all. Self-mastered people see what special gifts we have brought into this lifetime and share them in order to empower ourselves and others.

Just as one can rehabilitate one's knee after surgery by performing specific exercises in order to strengthen the muscles that support it; so too can we engage in specific exercises such as writing, meditation, and visualization to self-master. Just as surgery mends the pain of past injuries; eradicating old, unconscious belief systems that no longer serve us can mend the pain of past injuries to our spiritual nature. Eliminating injurious thoughts to self such as: “I’m not good enough,” or, “I’m not smart enough,” or, “I don’t deserve this,” will reveal who we truly are.

In my own experience, using the Holistic Learning Center pedagogic approach has proven to be extremely effective. This system includes numerous self-mastery exercises, and uses writing as a transcendental healing modality. The effective therapeutic use of similar written exercises has been documented in case studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). A study conducted in 1999 demonstrated that writing as little as 20 minutes per day about stressful life experiences was beneficial. Chronically ill patients who took these short pauses to record their thoughts improved both physician-ratings of disease severity and objective-indices of disease severity. (Anderson, 2000)


Once deconstruct old belief systems, we can choose new beliefs that empower us to be conscious creators in our own lives. These neurological changes occur on a cellular level, through understanding uncomfortable emotions that arise within us (like sadness, guilt, anger and frustration) and validating these feelings as normal, natural, and necessary. Instead of criticizing ourselves for "mistakes," we can learn to accept, observe, and correct our behaviors; thereby releasing ourselves from any pain or guilt associated with these "crimes."

Imagine what it would be like to have the tools to live your life in such a way that you feel calm, and in control of your emotions. A life where you feel joy and enthusiasm about your day, and you look forward to going to work because your profession fills you up, rather than drains you. Just like you can make a conscious choice to work hard physically to have the body that you desire; you can also make the conscious choice to work hard emotionally to create the life that you desire through learning self-mastery techniques.

Why Self-Mastery Now?

You may wonder; in the wake of global distress, egregious violations of human rights,  and environmental destruction, "Why would it matter for me to know my true self? Why would living my dharmic purpose help the state of the world?" The answer is that critical mass directly relates to collective action. Critical mass is the summation of individual contribution that effects the collective good, or “collective action” in a sustainable fashion, allowing true change to occur.

In a paper for the American Journal of Sociology, authors Pamela Oliver and Gerald Marwell and Ruy Teixeira write:

“Collective action usually depends on a "critical mass" that behaves differently from typical group members. Sometimes the critical mass provides some level of the good for others who do nothing, while at other times the critical mass pays the start-up costs and induces widespread collective action.”

The important thing is that critical mass works. The percentage of humans needed to create a Transformational Critical Mass, where together we can co-create a spiritually transformed planet of empowered beings, is estimated to be just 11%. This is doable, my friends, we’ve got this!


It is our right to live out our true calling. It is our duty to enjoy this earth as a playground, and to experience all of the joy and abundance that awaits us. When we heal ourselves by putting in the W-O-R-K towards our own self actualization, and when we spend just 51% of each day as a conscious master over our ego-mind, then we can illuminate ourselves and everyone we come in contact with.

We will contribute to world peace in a meaningful way.

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