If you are currently experiencing an acute and/or debilitating episode of back pain, your doctor will likely prescribe a form of passive pain relief in form of medication and/or manual therapy. Following a brief rest to decrease muscle spasm, exercise will serve an integral role in providing relief.

The ultimate goal is to bring enough relief to progress into an active yet controlled exercise program as soon as you receive clearance from a physician. Resting for too long leads to further deconditioning of the core musculature, and could result in future episodes of back pain.

If you’re tired of suffering from chronic low back discomfort and stiffness, Pongo Power’s Medical Exercise Specialists can help.

Prior to enrollment into Pain Relief Now!, each prospective client is guided through an individual assessment, a special session for people with pain who want relief and who want to enjoy life again.

You will find out where you are; and where you can be; and we will share some tips and strategies with you.

We do not diagnose or treat existing medical conditions, we manage them by way of exercise!

The Pain Relief Now! program was specially designed to provide sufferers with simple steps that promote relief. Over the course of four weeks, with eight, 60-minute sessions, our experts will help put you back in charge of you life.

Exercise performs many of the the same functions as medicine in the body. Examples include: lower inflammatory response, improved blood circulation, better insulin regulation, increased serotonin production in the brain, and decrease in blood pressure. These physiological responses to exercise can lead to relief from pain.

Five Simple Steps to Pain Relief Now!

The Pain Relief Now! program will educate you along your journey. 

1.) Find the source of your pain.

This involves both determining which muscles are not functioning properly, and preparing them to work better. This will help your entire body work together, and function, as a whole.

2.) Release your pain.

You’ll be exploring newfound flexibility in this step, while learning even more about your unique body.

3.) Wake up your muscles.

This will help you establish the powerful mind-body connection necessary in preventing injury and future pain episodes.

4.) Move right and well.

By integrating upper and lower body movements day-to-day, you will create a map for future pain relief.

5.) Find and increase your strength.

We will teach you safe ways to maintain, and increase, the regained strength. This is the final step for using that future pain relief map!


What to Expect?

Beginning an exercise program after an episode of acute back pain will very likely be accompanied by an initial increase in pain.

This pain is due to stretching tissues that have become stiff and weak. It is similar to delayed onset of muscle soreness that you might experience after going to the gym for a tough workout.

Only you can decide what normal discomfort is or if the level of pain is signal to stop and examine what you are doing. Understanding what is happening in your own body is critical, and we will help.

The program is designed to help you pace yourself, to prevent taking on too much at once. Exercise will help reduce and manage your pain. It will also aid in sustaining your long-term recovery and prevent a future recurrence of acute pain.

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