Strength Training Linked to Lower Death Rate

New research analyzed data sourced from a core population sample of 80,306 adults aged 30-years and over. The findings of this large-scale, observational study conclude that those who engaged in strength-building exercises have a 23% lower risk of all-cause death, and a 31-percent lower risk of cancer-related death. Confounding variables such as age, overall health conditions, and lifestyle-related behaviors were accounted for, ensuring consistency of results.

Lead researcher Dr. Stamatakis believes that these findings mean the Wellness Industry needs to encourage more people to focus on strength-building exercises. Although previously the main message had simply been on the importance of movement above sedentary lifestyles, the researcher suggests it’s time to get more specific. Now, he says, we need to “begin expanding the kinds of exercise we are encouraging for long-term health and well-being.”

Dr. Stamatakis and his team recommend fitness specialists and public health authorities “put more effort into promoting strength-based exercise,” while noting the fact that the general population is already well below the recommended daily amount of physical activity.

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Does strength promoting exercise confer unique health benefits? A pooled analysis of eleven population cohorts with all-cause, cancer, and cardiovascular mortality endpoints

American Journal of Epidemiology, kwx345, Emmanuel Stamatakis I-Min Lee Jason Bennie Jonathan Freeston Mark Hamer Gary O'Donovan Ding Ding Adrian Bauman Yorgi Mavros

Published: 31 October 2017

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