Claudia JouConsultant

Exercise Physiology and Adult Fitness Master’s Degree, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), and Barefoot Training Specialist.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Claudia has lived the life of an elite track and field athlete. While getting her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she was also preparing for the world championships in the High Jump. She decided to pursue the Olympic dream in the USA and after two years of hard work she earned her masters in Exercise Physiology and Adult Fitness and the honor of being a four-time All-American in the Division 1 NCAA league.

Still a professional athlete, she is currently balancing her training hours with research on the neurobiological basis of learning and memory. Ideally, she dreams of bringing the two worlds together and investigating how the brain can improve human biomechanics through motor control and learning. It is not surprising, then, that she focuses on the neuromuscular components of training.

“It’s the teaching part what makes me love what I do. I could be the most knowledgable athlete or researcher out there, and still not make the most of it if I don’t share what I get to learn day after day. I really enjoy seeing clients being able to transfer the knowledge they acquire on the floor to their daily activities!”

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