Jerry LouisNASM Certified Personal Trainer, PROnatal Certified

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, PROnatal Certified

Jerry R. Louis, a native brooklynite, doesn’t have the traditional personal training background.  While his family is full of olympic competitors, he grew up largely uncoordinated, believing his natural athleticism would always be enough. 

Due to this, Jerry ended up injuring both his legs competing,  in an incident which he refers to as “a blessing in disguise”. This moment in his life ignited his passion for health and obsession with the finite details of movement. After recovery, he gained his NASM Personal Training certification and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

While learning how to rebuild his bodies movement from scratch Jerry learned one important lesson. That in order to properly train the body, you must also train the mind. The mind must feel the body, the mind must understand the movement, and  the mind must believe it can achieve it. It is this form of awareness that Jerry aims to bring to all of his training sessions. 

“Surpassing your limitations is the easy part. Believing you can is where it gets difficult. So make sure you take time to know yourself, experience yourself, and love yourself through it all.” 

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