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Jessica StoneNASM Certified Personal Trainer, PROnatal Certified

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist, PROnatal Certified

Jessica is a Buffalo, NY native who can find the sunshine in any snowstorm. She is a seasoned Personal Trainer who has experience training clients ranging in ages from 14 through 76; all with varying levels of fitness and goals ranging from peak performance to being able to properly stand up from a chair. Jessica is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, a competitive Olympic distance triathlete and martial artist, with experience training in Judo, Shotokan Karate, and Thai boxing.

Jessica is a firecracker of personality who, through the discipline of martial arts and triathlon training, understands the importance of focus, commitment and the will necessary for an individual to effectively attain their goals. Her training sessions can be high-energy and funny, or mellow and meditative. Either way, Jessica’s training sessions involve developing our clients’ knowledge and understanding of their own bodies, the exercises and the science necessary for each client to achieve and maintain their goals.

“You provide the focus and commitment; I’ll provide the expertise for you to achieve your goals.”

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