Zachary ZweifelNASM Certified Personal Trainer, PROnatal Certified

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, StrongFirst Kettlebell Level 1, ETC Athletic Body in Balance, PROnatal Certified

Originally from Seattle, WA, Zachary is a passionate fitness professional who fully believes in leading a life focused on health. Growing up, he developed an early interest in sports as he competed in wrestling, soccer, boxing and cross-country. At age 18, Zachary joined the United States Coast Guard. After 10 years of service he decided to separate from the Coast Guard in order to pursue his passions.

Zachary began his personal training career at Equinox in Miami while he completed his B.A. in Psychology from American Military University. With a yearning to further his knowledge, Zachary began pursuing his Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation at Brooklyn College where he currently studies. He enjoys barbell strength training, kettlebells, running, hiking and bodyweight training.

“I feel that health and fitness are paramount in part of a balanced life. I love working closely with clients and helping them achieve things with their body that they may have thought not possible.”

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