Zoom Personal Training & Carol Oliver, 72

Carol Oliver, 72 years old!

As a longtime client of Pongo Power, I would like to offer my positive experience having Trained Workouts while at home.  


Before Pongo Online Personal Training, I was absolutely confounded by the idea of “downloading” zoom.  The Pongo Power team was so patient, they got on the phone with me, and helped me to get it up and running on my computer! 

My two trainers, Jessica (Mondays) and Chelsea (Fridays), have each led me through a complete workout using Zoom in my bedroom with a laptop (adjustable to viewing floor or standing exercises). 

We started with floor warmup: sit-ups, stretching, planking, and pushups.  I have free weights ranging from 3 pounds through 15 pounds. They had me do bent-over rows with the 15 pound weights.  We also did a chest press with 15 pound weights and skull crushers (aka lying tricep extension) with 10 pound weights.  I did these on the floor, and sometimes on my bed, which is comfy.

Then we did step-ups using the Rubber Made footstool. This was followed by forward and sideways lunges, which are great leg exercises. We do a "circuit" of four exercises, and then repeat those four.  After, four more exercises and repeat. Rotations. It is like the gym workout, but without the cable machine. 

The home equipment one buys depends on your workout preferences.  One can use bands, a TRX over a door, or a gym in an apartment building. You can recreate what you find in a gym for a different, but equally challenging workout with different equipment. 

The advantage of committing to working with a trainer is that YOU DO IT.  Before Covid-19, I worked out at the gym on Mondays and Fridays and promised myself a Wednesday Home Workout in between.   Sometimes that happened.  Sometimes I do one set of rows and then go back to reading my book...

Be honest with yourself.  Do you have the self-discipline to work out as strenuously without your trainer?   Without a trainer, I cheat.   

I feel so much better after a good workout, especially while sitting around during this Virus Confinement. I need the exercise now, more than ever because I am not getting to walk around New York City.  Yes, some people can jog, or have a spacious park nearby, but even parks do not allow Social Distancing.  

Many trainers already have experience working with clients in their homes.   They know how to design a workout for all of the body's muscles using whatever the client can provide. It is like working at the gym, using different equipment but for the same body parts and muscles.   Plus, with a personal trainer, you can exercise one muscle a multitude of ways.  Just Do It.  You will feel so great afterward.  

I am happy to talk to anyone with questions, to share or encourage you to continue your workouts, no matter what events might prevent you from going to a gym.   

Yours in Great Shape,

Carol Oliver

Client of Elizabeth Pongo since 2003.   

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