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The Difference Personal Training Makes

What makes personal training so important? Why would anyone need a personal trainer? Will hiring a personal trainer really make a difference in my life?

These are questions you may have asked yourself. There are so many free YouTube videos and inexpensive Zoom classes out there nowadays, why do so many people choose to work with personal trainers?

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Let's start with the facts:

Our team of personal trainers are certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and are experts in the field of fitness.

Personal trainers provide:

  • in-depth knowledge of the body and biomechanics,
  • unique programs for your specific goals and challenges, and
  • accountability and support when you need it most.

Former UFC Strawweight Champion Joanna Jędrzejczyk (yend-ZHEY-chik) mentioned after an open workout:

Making yourself get to the gym when you least want to is when you need to go to the gym most of all. That is what separates champions from everyone else. Even if you can only give 10% effort; that’s better than staying home with 0%.” 

While that mentality and work ethic is a skill professional athletes have mastered, most of us are not pro athletes — nor do we want to be. That’s why, especially for those new to working out, I highly recommend finding yourself a personal trainer. 


The most difficult part of working out is starting. It can feel like there are a million possible ways to start; it’s overwhelming. You may find yourself asking: What exercise is best for me? Where do I start? How do I know if this is even effective?

A trainer’s job to keep track of your progress and create clear, achievable goals in order to help you stay motivated and keep your long term goals in view.

Personal trainers create exercise programs that take into account where you are in your fitness journey and where you want to be. Everybody is different, and every program won't work for every person.

Working with a personal trainer creates a structure of accountability that doesn't exist when you're working out on your own. We all have days where we're scraping the barrel for motivation; your trainer provides encouragement to move forward.


As well as motivation and accountability, your personal trainer brings safety and applicable knowledge to each session.

There’s no shame in being uncomfortable with certain exercises because you are not sure you're doing them safely. In fact, you should not be doing exercises that feel unsafe or painful. 

At Pongo Power, we follow a series of foundational movements called the 12 Pongo Musts. Every client must master these movements before moving on to more difficult exercises. These movements set you up with a strong foundation of strength that benefits you for the rest of your life. 

With a personal trainer, you learn proper form and technique with someone standing by to make sure you are practicing your work out safely and effectively.

By creating an organized, presentable workout program, your trainer will be able to keep informed about both what you are doing and why you are doing it. After all, understanding the why is powerful in creating a connection between your mind and your body. Not only will you continue to be motivated as you witness your progress, you’ll be able to leave each session with a little more knowledge than you came in with! It’s true what they say, knowledge is power.

While your individual fitness goals may not include hoisting an olympic medal or a UFC belt, we all have the potential to do more than we believe we can.

Sure, it's possible to reach your goals without a personal trainer. But, the motivation, accountability, safety, and knowledge that a personal trainer brings can make a huge difference in reaching your goals in a timely way, safely, and with the knowledge to continue growing. 

If you are interested in getting a Free Fitness Assessment to learn more about the unique advantages of working with a Pongo Power trainer are, click here!

Meet the Author

Matthew Foley

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Growing up, Matthew Foley struggled with his weight and often felt at a loss about how to lose it. Although he was active in boxing and karate since the age of five, he always seemed to be ten to fifteen pounds overweight. As his insecurity grew, Matthew was at the gym more and more, burning himself out and having a hard time getting to the gym. The breakthrough finally
came when Matthew let go of the pressure and began working out to find joy in who he is in the moment: not obsess over what he wasn’t yet. This clearer mindset led to an interest in working out smarter, not harder. He learned then that starting back with the basics and developing an individual routine leads to more consistent improvements and recovery.

Through his own weight-loss journey, Matthew discovered he wanted to spark the same love of fitness that he found in himself in others, and went on to achieve his NASM personal trainer certification. He has spent the past two years helping clients of different ages, experience and handicaps gain flexibility, strength and endurance. More than anything, Matthew believes fitness is for everyone as long as they have the dedication, know-how and space to do so. As a personal trainer Matthew is dedicated to keep his clients safe, informed and remind them that they’re already doing a good job just by being dedicated.

“To me, the hardest part about going to the gym is getting to the gym. That’s why we have to remember to celebrate the small victories. When you wake up dreading a workout but stay committed to a routine you deserve to feel proud. It’s about being consistent not intense: smarter not harder.”

If you'd like to train with Matthew, you can reach him at

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