The Truth About BMI

You may have heard of the Body Mass Index (BMI). It’s a calculation widely used to determine if someone is in a ‘healthy weight range.’ Divide a person’s weight by his or her height and voila!  The truth though, is that BMI is not an accurate estimation for many people. It doesn’t distinguish between how much of your weight is muscle, bones, or fat.

An athlete can get a number that puts him or her into the obese category: muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less room. This, while someone else’s number may be in the normal range, but s/he has excess fat around his/her middle. Your middle is an area of the body where extra fat has been linked to numerous health conditions, like diabetes. Fat around the middle is a dense, viscous fluid that inhibits blood flow to your vital internal organs.

If the data is flawed, then how is it helpful?? This is why, on your own personal health and fitness journey, it is important to choose to surround yourself with trustworthy, supportive professionals who can help to guide you to get the good information, and the results you’d like to achieve. We can lead our lives feeling empowered, and thereby create the possibility of true transformation along the way.

This article published in  Medical News Today, discusses the origin of the BMI formula and a formula that may be more accurate.

About the Author

Judy Jerome, Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist by The National Academy of Sports Medicine, Cancer Specialist, and Pre/ Post Natal Certified

As a personal trainer, dance teacher, and choreographer; Judy focuses on proper alignment, flexibility, and core strength.

She strives for her clients to work to their full potential; creating challenging programming, in a safe environment. Judy has a passion for running and functional strength training.

“My favorite part in a training session is when there is an, ‘Ah ha!’ moment: a client’s discovery about his or her body, and what it is capable of, when a piece of the puzzle is placed. Very satisfying!”

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