Three Insights to Making Lasting Change

1) Say yes to your successes.

Applaud the steps you make, no matter how insignificant you think they are.  It may seem silly to pat yourself on the back for eating breakfast, going to bed early, or making 10,000 steps in a day, but it’s not!  We innately learn by amplifying successes instead of focusing on failures.   

A great educator I worked with a number of years ago used the example of a baby learning to feed themselves. The first time they try to bring food to the mouth, they miss. It takes many misfires for the coordination to become consistent, and for the baby to be learn to do it.

The baby learns by observing what worked, vs what did not.  Being able to successfully scoop a bite of food onto a spoon is acknowledged, not the dropping of the spoon before getting the bite. If a baby paid more attention to the dropping of the spoon, the numbers of times food fell, the difficulties of gripping a utensil or grabbing hold of a piece of food, they would ultimately give up.  

Successes build on each other. One inspires the next, which inspires the next, and so on.   Say “yes, and,”  instead of “no, but…”

2) Stay on task.

When you hit a place of incredible frustration, questioning what you are doing and why, this is a place where there can either be a breakthrough, or where a self-saboteur can win.

Keep going. Stay on task.

Work through the uncomfortable. On the other side of uncomfortable, is resolution.  

Self sabotage lets one off the hook, allows one to give up or give in.  But staying in the frustration, annoyance, or anger, is important to have lasting change. By staying on task and allowing things to rise to the surface, the root issue will reveal itself. Then it can be dealt with!

3) Take a position of power.  

You are choosing to become healthier, feel better in your body, to stress less, and play more.  By exercising and eating well, you are showing yourself love and care.  Take ownership of the amazing thing you are doing. The more you can be in the frame of mind that you want to do  this vs. you have to do this, the more positive energy there is to fuel you to your goal.

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About The Author

Judy Jerome, Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist by The National Academy of Sports Medicine, Cancer Specialist, and Pre/ Post Natal Certified

As a personal trainer, dance teacher, and choreographer; Judy focuses on proper alignment, flexibility, and core strength.

She strives for her clients to work to their full potential; creating challenging programming, in a safe environment. Judy has a passion for running and functional strength training.

“My favorite part in a training session is when there is an, ‘Ah ha!’ moment: a client’s discovery about his or her body, and what it is capable of, when a piece of the puzzle is placed. Very satisfying!”

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