Three Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Meal Prep

I’ve been preparing my meals for over two years now.

Six to seven days out of the week I have meals ready to heat and eat. There are many benefits to meal preparation, however I initially began in efforts to boost my energy. Even though I was eating what I thought were three balanced meals a day, I was shorting myself of vital macronutrients that my body needed to function optimally. I often found that I was crashing by 3pm. I now eat 3-4 truly balanced meals per day and have more energy to do what I love, I’m leaner, and I save money. You too can have this by following some basic meal prep insights.

  1. I don’t have to think about where my food is coming from from an ecological or geographical perspective. I have bought it, cooked it days prior, and the meal is prepared and ready for me to eat. This saves me time and I don’t have to research what I will eat or travel or wait for food to be delivered in hope that it is sufficient to my needs.
  2. I’m sure that I’m getting the calories and macronutrients necessary to fuel me up for whatever it may be to come. Whether it is a workout, training clients, meetings, studying, or a long commute, I am sure that I will feel satisfied after eating. I don’t overfeed or underfeed because my portions are already calculated for my dietary requirements. This takes out any mystery as to whether or not my meal was sufficient.
  3. I save money buying food and preparing it in bulk. It costs me about $100-$150/week to eat 3-4 sufficient meals, thats about $20/day, or $5 per meal! I can then treat myself to a special meal over the weekend, go out with friends, use the money for trips and travel, or simply save money!

Get started with your own meal prep using these simple steps and 3 recipes.

About The Author

Brie Hemluth

Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Clubbell Yoga Instructor and Lead Eastern Regional Ambassador

Brie Helmuth, a Brooklyn resident, originally from Boulder, Colorado, grew up on organic food grown in her mother’s garden, yoga, hip hop, and physical fitness. These early influences shaped who she is today and her outlook on life and overall wellness. Brie is an experienced and certified NASM Personal Trainer, Circular Strength Training (CST) Instructor through RMAX International, Lead Clubbell Yoga Ambassador, Elite Personal Trainer at Pongo Power, and Member of Brooklyn’s dance crew’s Mastermind Rockers and NYC’s only all female breakdance crew, Ladies Adios.

Dedicated to the progression of fitness and wellness, as well as hip-hop dance culture, she seeks opportunities to teach movement based workouts to any-body. Brie is enthusiastic to teach what she knows and aims to improve the way people move for their sport and lifestyle, become a catalyst for positivity in people’s lives, and improve people’s perception of themselves through physical movement.

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