Three Small New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make a BIG Difference

These simple New Year's resolutions will transform your 2018.

Practice Gratitude

Take some time out of your busy day to journal things you are grateful for. This fifteen minute practice can have a serious impact on your happiness and health. Multiple studies found that gratitude enhances your ability to empathize with others, and reduces aggressive behavior. Additionally, it’s been shown to improve self esteem, mental strength, sleep, and overall physical well being.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend picking up this simple Five Minute Gratitude Journal by Intelligent Change (Pongo Power has no affiliation with Intelligent Change). Each morning you’ll have the opportunity to write down three things you’re thankful for; three things that will make the day great; and your own daily affirmation. In the evening, review the day by journaling three things that made it transformative, and a sentence on what you can choose to do to create an opening for evolution, the next time around.

It’s a simple, easy, affordable practice to boost your mental focus, and wellness!

Move With Joy

This year, commit to moving with joy! Studies show that those who enjoy their exercise program, adhere to it! [1] This means if you don’t love spin class, there’s no reason to kill yourself pedaling along with the group. There are plenty of other ways to get your body moving that are sustainable, healthy, and FUN! Many people that are successful in their chosen field of exercise. In fact, it’s a common denominator amongst the top performing people in the world. Try something new, like Clubbells or running, or come in for a free fitness assessment. We’ll help you find an exercise program that you love. And, we’ll create that, together!  

Set Goals

It sounds so easy! We all have goals, right? Anyone reading this can surely list off a few things they’d like to accomplish in 2018. But have you considered the specific steps you’ll take to get the results you want? Have you written out a plan, or even written your goal down?

By now, most of us are familiar with “SMART” (Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely) goals, but even the simple act of writing your goal down increases the probability you’ll achieve it! Try writing it on your bathroom mirror, or magnet it to your fridge. Put your goal somewhere you’ll see it every single day, so you’ll be reminded that you’re working towards something great!

Just like the gratitude journal from suggestion #1, there are some great tools out there to get you writing, and thinking, about the things that matter to you the most. Set out this Goal Setting Planner by Best Self Co (no affiliation), or the Passion Planner (no affiliation). Even if you’ve set goals in the past and didn’t accomplish all you wanted, these journals can help you plan out each step of the process, and track your progress!

What are you looking to achieve in 2018? If you need help setting goals or moving with joy, come in for a free breakthrough session with one of our Pongo Power Personal Trainers and Coaches! We’re here for you.

[1] J Music Ther. 2003 Spring;40(1):57-73. Assessment of factors associated with exercise enjoyment. Wininger SR1, Pargman D. Western Kentucky University, USA.

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