Tips For Layering Up For Winter Runs!

When layering up to run outdoors in the cold, it is useful to imagine that the temperature on your weather app is about 10 to 20 degrees warmer than it says. Even in frigid temps, it’s easy to overdress when heading out for a winter run. Also, protecting your ears, eyes, and airways can be important, so that you can enjoy your run.  Below is our guide on how to dress for winter running.

Outdoor Running Guide to Dressing

40-50 degrees: Light long sleeve sweat-wicking shirt, tights or shorts, gloves, and a headband to cover your ears. The head-band is optional; make sure it is easy to remove mid-run!

30-40 degrees: Long sleeve sweat-wicking shirt, tights, gloves and headband

20-30 degrees: Two long-sleeved layers, tights, gloves, and a headband. If it’s windy you may want to consider a muff or a bandana to cover your mouth and protect your lungs from the cold air!

Below 20 degrees: 2 long-sleeved layers, plus a vest or windbreaker, gloves, a headband, plus a muff or bandana to cover your mouth and nose.

Cold and raining: Long sleeve shirt and tights, waterproof gloves, a cap to keep the rain out of your eyes and waterproof jacket.

Layers are key! You can always remove a long sleeve or jacket and tie it around your waist. Most importantly, make sure you get inside and remove your sweaty layers immediately post run and change into warm, dry clothes. Happy running!

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